Essay on What Success Does Mean to You

Successful person may look in different ways – like rich one, with nice car, nice job and so on. Getting success means the achievement of all goals. In “What does success mean to you?” essay you should explain what does this word actually means to you, which goals you have and ways of reaching them. Maybe these purposes won’t make you rich or famous but you will definitely see the difference after achieving at least one of your goals.

What does success mean to you?” essay:

“What Does Success Mean to You?” Essay: Possible Answers

Most of us want to get success in the life, and everyone understands this term in own way:

  • lots of money,
  • stylish way of life,
  • perfect relationships,
  • making a career.

All of these things are not easy to be achieved. But if you have undefined purposes, they could never be achieved at all.

narrative essay on success

How to Define the Word “Success”

Here are some advices you may include in your “What does success mean to you?” essay:

  1. Make your own definition of the word “success”. Everybody has various values and motivations, so everybody chooses his own kind of work. it is only you who can decide what does success mean in your case, for instance you don’t want to worry about money, be healthy or have a great family, get the degree at college or buy small house in the country, write a book or something else. Success may be so different.
  2. Find certain goals and achieve them. When you are looking for your definition of success make it more clear if it’s possible. For instance don’t tell that you want to be rich, tell yourself that you plan to earn 100 000 dollars next year.
  3. Don’t lose yourself after failure. For example Thomas Edison told once that he wasn’t failed, but knows a great amount of ways that don’t work. Very often failure is just a step on the way to success. You don’t need to be ashamed of it. Failure is just what you do but not what you are.

What does success mean to you?” essay:

How to Write Own List of Successful Things?

Give in “What does success mean to you?” essay the lists of most important things for you that mean a success in your life. Answer on various questions about success definition for you, and match this definition with your everyday activities. Answering on such questions will help you to define your priorities and explain the right direction of your work in future.

Spend some time on making the list of successful things in your life and match it with your normal everyday life. This method will help to concrete your ideas and desires. So, explain it carefully in your narrative essay on success following all rules and ways of writing typical essay.